Bericht uit Babadag

Greetings to all,

Abdoel sent me the link of the youth blogspot and he gave me the youth e-mail so I wanted to write personally to you.
I've been informed about the preparations and the fund raising activities you are doing for the trip to Romania. This is amazing and we are very excited about your planned visit. I saw some pictures on the blog and it is nice to see your faces and the things that you do. We look forward to see you all in real person and to work together for the glory of our Father.

I shared your planned visit and everything you are doing with our youth. We pray that everything will work perfectly. You have to know that most of the youth in our group are not Christian. Only one of them is a member of our Church. The others are coming to the Church services and some visited us just a few times. Their ages are between 14 and 19.

Please pray for them to have open hearts to receive the Lord. They are joining the activities that we organize at our youth centre, but some of them never attended a Bible Study. The camp and all of the other activities will have an evangelistic purpose. Please think about the program in this context.
The camps in Romania are very helpful to reach the youth with the gospel. Our way of living and doing things together make them more receptive. When we return to Babadag we will have meetings in the Youth Centre, outside the park, or at the soccer field. The purpose of those meetings is to work with the youth we know and to connect with new youth.
Almost half of the youth attending High School are from the villages around Babadag, so they will not be here in July. Maybe we will meet some of them in the camp.

This is just some information about our situation and I believe that Abdoel has shared the other details we discussed.

If you have questions or suggestions you are very welcome to write them to me.

Looking forward to meet you all,

Paul Benko.